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suits: Antony by Melojelo suits: Antony by Melojelo
 Name | Nickname | Host Name ♛
Antony | Tony | ?????(lemme think about this for a second)

♛ Age | Height | Weight ♛
25 | 5'11/180.3cm | 145 lbs/65.7 kg

♛ Birthday | Star Sign ♛
April 3rd | Aries

♛ Faction | Rank ♛
Mafia | Consigliere

♛ Likes | Dislikes ♛ 
+A good time
+His beautiful mother and nonbiological brother Val
+Social anything/ socializing
+Honor respect and dignity 

-Shame, treachery, and betrayal of any kind cannot be forgiven
-Anyone disrespecting him
-Eating fish
-Going unnoticed 
-His lawyer father

♛ Personality ♛
Suave | Flamboyant | Loyal | Persistent | Ruthless | Narcissistic

    Tony has a boisterous personality. He announces his presence without even having to introduce himself, from his walk, to his talk, to his clothes  he is commanding your attention. He thrives off others knowing his his name, either with good or bad connotation. It doesn't matter to him so long as you know. He's got a code of conduct however. His ego may be massive but he understands his place for the most part. He's loyal to the people who are loyal to him. He'll finish a job one way or another. He doesn't accept failure or denial. He always turns the cards in his favor, and he won't make a move unless it's on his terms. This isn't his pride talking, its his intellect. Tony is cold and calculating, he's strategic and emotionally manipulative. He knows how to party and save face. He never shows more than he needs to. He usually has people underestimating his ability. He's never not thinking about what he's doing. He isn't very impulsive. Tonys always in control of himself. 
    The real thing that makes Tony a freighting adversary, is that he is fearless and cruel. He will do whatever he has to without blinking. His value on life is very bias and selective. It's impossible to know how much you really mean to him. You could've been friends for years and yet he'd still shoot you a point blank range if it meant getting what he wanted. It's hypocritical of him to hold loyalty in such esteem when the only meaning it has to him whether it satisfies his needs. But he has a way of twisting that around in his head so hes never at fault.

♛ History ♛

    Antony has known Valentine for longer than he can remember. As boys they lived near each other and would play, the fateful day Val lost his parents, Tony and his mother were there to provide Val with the family situation a boy his age needed. There aren't many moments in Tony's life where Val wasn't there. But that being said, Val wasn't the reason Tony became involved with the mafia. He was more like a benefit for doing so.
    Tonys decisions in life stem from his father.Tony was always a bright kid, he  showed a lot of promise and had a lot of opportunity to become anything else. Tonys mother would give him the love and praise he needed. She was a wonderful mother by all accounts. And Tony loved her with all his heart. But Tony's Father was the polar opposite. It was completely apparent to tony that His father hated him, tony had asked one day when he was very young why his dad never looked at him. His father told him flatly it was because he hated him. Tony wasn't an average child however, and he didn't run away crying. He didn't really feel anything for his father either. As he grew older and became more aware, he saw that his father's hatred was because his mom loved him more. To anyone else that would seem completely backwards and crazy, but it made perfect sense to Tony. And he was quick to use that against his father. 
Tony got in trouble countless times, and his father being a lawyer always got him off. Of Course he didn't want to, he'd rather let Tony rot, but it tore his mother apart. So his father really had no choice. Tony would just contain his grin as he watched his father plead his case. By Tony demonstrating how much he could mess up and still be accepted so openly by his mother, he was rubbing the favor he would always have in his fathers face.
    Later in life, joining the Mafia was an important career move. Of course his mother has no idea what he's really doing, his father is fully aware. Whenever he comes to visit he struts around like a true gangster in his flashy suits, so his father can't just ignore him. Often times his father has to leave the room to contain himself, while his mother just brushes it off as him being moody. Every major decision in Tonys life was always made to kick his father in the balls. His fathers continuous hatred brings tony more pleasure than he could ever say.

♛ Quotes ♛

♛ Relationships ♛

Valentine: They grew up like brothers. and now their relationship is undefinably close.

♛ Additional Info ♛
- Thinks cigarettes are wimpy
- He is hella gaudy and must be stopped. he looks like a creep ohgod
-He really excellent at business and negotiations 

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